MARCH 3rd = First Friday Art Walk Pop-Up Scenes
Catch scenes from Pop-Up Macbeth
in spots along the Art Walk

March 4th = See Pop-Up Macbeth In Full At Oxbow!
It all comes together for one big show!
Performances at 2pm & 7pm

See FOURTEEN different artists interpret and perform a scene from Macbeth HOWEVER THEY WANT and string them together into a very weird version of The Scottish Play…


How does Pop-Up Macbeth work? This year 14 applicants, chosen by lottery, will each be assigned a segment of Macbeth. The segment must include one line of original dialogue, and must be performed in under 10 minutes. Beyond that, the rules really start to break down. Segments may be performed in absolutely any fashion. For reference, last year’s Pop-Up Hamlet had clowning, radio interviews, shadow puppetry, rapping, Dungeons & Dragons, and contemplations on cheese, just to name a few.
(PortFringe got a lot of inspiration from a fan-made movie called
Star Wars Uncut – check it out!).

Shows are all ages, but it’s in a brewery, so there’s that.
Oxbow Blending & Bottling is located at 49 Washington Avenue in Portland, ME.
All tickets for March 4th are $15. Proceeds go to keeping PortFringe alive!

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PortFringe presented last year’s Pop Up Hamlet as part of Portland’s First Folio celebrations, and the experience was so positive for artists and audience members alike that we decided to do it again in 2017! As in year one, the second annual PortFringe Pop-Up event will showcase the fringe spirit, removing financial and logistical barriers so artists can experiment and take risks. And audiences reap the benefit. The fun, affordable, and innovative format of pop-up shows appeal to Shakespeare lovers and theater newbies alike.