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Types of passes, how they work, and when/where to get them.


But you can buy passes all through festival week!

Three ways to get your PortFringe on:

(1) – *CASH ONLY at each PortFringe venue


(2) – *CREDIT CARD purchases at from 12pm-5pm at Fringe Central in advance
(even 20 minutes in advance..then run to your show venue and get in line)


(3) – * CASH OR CREDIT AT ALL PORTLAND COFFEE BY DESIGN LOCATIONS! (get your passes when you grab your coffee!)


Since our first festival in 2012, PortFringe has operated on our unique all-rush pass system. What’s RUSH? It means that seating is general admission, first-come, first-served. You buy a Show Pass that gets you into any PortFringe show at any time, as long as there’s still room for you. Unlike a normal ticketing experience, you aren’t buying a specific seat for a specific show. Get tickets ahead of time, get in line for the show you want early, and get that front row seat!

The “all-rush” process can seem intimidating – especially for new PortFringe audience members; however, this does not need to be the case! The “all-rush”, low-cost box office process is a critical component of the PortFringe model – designed specifically to create a festival atmosphere that encourages risk-taking, adventurous theater-going! Show passes are, just like Fringe, wild and risky and fun. We invite you to join us on the fringey side.

The following Rush Passes are available for purchase for our 2018 Festival:

  • Single Show Pass — $12.00 ( including $1 surcharge) 
    redeemable for one individual to one show
  • 3-Show Punch Pass — $32.00 (including $1 surcharge)
    redeemable for one individual to three shows
  • 9-Show Punch Pass — $85.00 (including $1 surcharge)
    redeemable for one individual to nine shows
  • VIP SuperPass — $150.00 (including $1 surcharge)
    redeemable for one individual to an unlimited number of shows

ALL rush pass sales are $$$ CASH ONLY $$$ at VENUES– Please Plan Ahead!
You can still purchase passes with credit cards at Fringe Central as well as Coffee By Design Portland locations.

How and Where to Purchase Passes/Tickets:
REMINDER: All sales are final. No refunds

* At Fringe Central: Rush Passes can be purchased during Fringe Central hours (from 12 noon onward, each day) during the festival week. Arrive early and Plan ahead! Sales at Fringe Central will be CASH or CREDIT CARD sales.
* At PortFringe Show Venues: Rush Passes can also be purchased at any of our venues, up to one hour prior to the start of the first performance in that venue. Sales at all show venues -except Fringe Central- will be CASH ONLY.
* At Coffee By Design locations of Portland: 
Rush Passes may be purchased with CASH OR CREDIT CARD at any Portland area Coffee By Design location. Sales at all show venues -except Fringe Central- will be CASH ONLY.

Handy tips for our “RUSH” Passholders…

Most of the attendees of PortFringe will be using regular “rush” passes. This means that show pass-holders will be seated on a first-come, first-served basis until all seats are filled, or the performance begins – whichever happens first. Excepting special circumstances, there will be NO LATE SEATING at ANY PortFringe SHOW.

There is no way for PortFringe to predict attendance for any given event and there will be sold-out performances. PortFringe offers the following advice for our audience members:

Buy Show Passes in advance. People who already have Passes will be seated before those who do not. And remember – buying multi-show “punch passes” not only gives you a spot in the advance line, but it also saves you money and time at the box office. Grab your passes before your show time.

Be early. If you are concerned you may not get into the show of your choice, show up early. The official PortFringe queues for each show will be formed 60 minutes before each show begins. Bring a book. Bring an iPod. Bring a friend. Wait it out.

Plan ahead. Look at the schedule and develop your PortFringe “plan of attack”… PortFringe show start times are staggered by 15 minutes and are no more than one hour in length – if you are turned away from sold-out show that begins at 7:00PM in one venue, there will be a 7:15PM show in another venue.

Above all – Don’t Panic, and HAVE FUN Remember that (with very limited exceptions) each PortFringe production has at least three performances during the festival week – there will multiple opportunities for you to see the shows you’re most excited about, and myriad opportunities to see shows that you know nothing about!

***Want to get FREE Show Passes?***
Volunteer for Fringe
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