FREE Community Event – Take The Power Back

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EVENT: Take the Power Back
PRESENTER: Jamie Campbell, PortFringe 2019 Artist

Jamie Campbell has learned first-hand how telling your own harrowing story can make an impact on both storyteller and audience. It took him over 25 years to tell the story of being kidnapped as an 11 year-old, and it turned out to be one of the most rewarding experiences of his life. Moments of trauma, embarrassment, and vulnerability are the most difficult to tell, but are also have the greatest payoff. Take the Power Back is designed to help others tell stories they never thought they could in a way that affects everyone in the room. Students will workshop their stories in a judgment-free environment designed to help them relate their past in a way that impacts everyone in attendance.

Please bring: A notebook and something to write with.

For more information about Jamie’s PortFringe 2019 show, click here.

All Artist-Led PortFringe Workshops are FREE and open to the public!
No RSVP required for this event.