FREE Community Event – DIY Future!

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EVENT: DIY Future!
PRESENTER: L. Nicol Cabe, PortFringe 2019 Artist

A workshop on writing science fiction or speculative fiction for performance onstage. Do you wonder about the future? Have you thought about what it takes to make the world a better place? Have you ever found yourself thinking about the collapse of society? Do you think technology is making us weirder? Congratulations, this is the starter kit for becoming a science fiction nerd! Whether you’re a huge fan of Star Trek, or you’ve happened upon a couple of episodes of Dr. Who, there’s a lot to discover when you create your own science fiction pieces.

Please bring: Bring something to write with/in so you can read it later.

For more information about Nicol’s PortFringe 2019 show, click here.

All Artist-Led PortFringe Workshops are FREE and open to the public!
No RSVP required for this event.