Rendez-Vous at Moscou

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Rendez-Vous at Moscou
Jean-Claude Redonnet

A true story about war and memory represented as a Greek tragedy for our time. One morning of february 1917, two soldiers, my grand-father and his brother-in-law find themselves face-to-face at an intersection of front trenches. A complete surprise.

A photographer happens to have immortalized the scene of the encounter. Many years later at family dinners, they would show us the mythical picture, before narrating once again what had happened on that day of the Great War. What truth was really lying under the shiny surface of their polished narrative? Was the moment of freedom and happiness they had enjoyed the only legacy to be shared with us, their descendants? I have always felt that perhaps something else was left for them to express.

I wrote this play to pay homage to them, telling their story in their own words and stepping into their unfinished dialogue.

Jean-Claude Redonnet is a cultural historian. who has written non-fiction books on the importance of international relations at indivividual, and collective levels. His most recent contributions to fiction include a series of short plays with a strong intergenerational message, based on the interplay of history, memory and family. He lives in Falmouth, Maine.