PortFringe presents

artist applications now open!

Friday, March 2 @ First Friday Art Walk
Saturday March 3 (Matinee & PM show at undisclosed venue) 

PortFringe Pop-Ups take the beyond holy text of William Shakespeare, chop it up into pieces, and feed it to performance artists to go bananas on. Hog-friggin-wild.

Really. Please.

Pop-Up is not a place for you to exemplify the original intent, not a time for precision of history.

Get strange.  Go nuts.

Remember – this is PortFringe talking. Boring theater, go home.

Let your codpiece do the talking.

We’ve even made it easier on you this time: You’re getting one section of the play. And you get just 5 minutes to tell it.  Total.

No sets.  Only the costumes on your backs and props you can carry.

Embrace the chaos. Expect the unexpected. Don’t plan for a proscenium or your audience neatly arranged in rows. Make your magical moment in Midsummer like you’re winning a drag queen karaoke championship judged by kindergarteners. Revel in the unbridled ecstasy of a play about messed up fairies and sad donkeys.

Bother to be weird.

Pop-Up Midsummer is PortFringe’s annual fundraiser. Your weird art can make the festival  happen. You can help, like, a lot.

If this sounds like fun, read on!

The Application form below is for Performance Artists interested in participating in a special PortFringe project called Pop-Up Midsummer taking place on March 2&3, 2018 in Portland, ME.  This is NOT an application to participate in next summer’s 7th annual PortFringe Festival. Applications for PortFringe 2018 will open on December 1, 2017.

APPLICATION FEE: There is NO application fee for PortFringe’s Pop-Up Midsummer
PRODUCTION FEE: There are NO production fees for PortFringe’s Pop-Up Midsummer

ARTIST COMPENSATION: Pop-Up Midsummer will be presented as part of PortFringe’s year-round fundraising effort. All proceeds will go directly back to PortFringe to offset the costs of presenting our upcoming 7th Annual PortFringe Festival in June. Each participating Pop-Up Midsummer Artist/Group will receive ten (10) complimentary PortFringe passes to be distributed as desired, for use at any performance taking place during next summer’s festival.

Pop-Up Midsummer Artists will be selected by chance through a random Lottery pull to take place on Tuesday, October 31, 2017. All applications will be pulled and numbered in order. The play will be cut into 14 scenes and 14 artists will be selected.

Pop-Up Midsummer scenes/sections will be assigned based on Lottery Number – for example, the first lottery number selected will be assigned the first section of Midsummer. These scenes/selections will be sent to Artists with their Lottery results.

Unscheduled/Remaining Applications will be placed on a waitlist in the event that one of the scheduled Artists has to withdraw from the event.

It’s that easy.