Well, so much for PortFringe 2020.

So much for…well, all kinds of things we had all planned for 2020. But as we near the time when we here at PortFringe would start inundating you all with “APPLY NOW” propaganda for a festival well into the future, the new question is, well, are we gonna?

In the past, we’d be securing contracts with venues, asking local businesses for sponsorships, pumping up our locals with in-person meet-ups. But a lot of those venues are in uncertain trajectories, or, some, already closed. Local businesses everywhere are using every available resource to stay afloat. And we haven’t seen our friends and families in person in what seems like an eternity.

So, are we gonna have a festival?

The short answer is: we are scheming!
Dangerous art is something PortFringe has championed since it’s inception, but safety for our festival has always been paramount. Soooo, what could a festival look like in 2021? Some totally new, wicked safe, and as bizarre and inventive as we envision PortFringe as being? If we’ve always been pushing towards the edges of performance, what could those very outer edges look like?

Well, we’re working on it.

We’re almost ready to release the details of PortFringe 2021. We’ll let you know, as we dream and spitball a new path, about the magic that may lie ahead.

Miss you all. Stay safe, stay strong, and take care of each other.