Nixon Sings!
Mark Magee

On the eve of his resignation, President Richard Nixon contemplates his historic decision to leave office, his tumultuous career and his uncertain future the only way he knows how — by singing a variety of show-tunes. An evening of Scotch, regrets, grudges, unfulfilled dreams and the best of Broadway!

I am a local artist, actor and WMPG radio show co-host who loves coffee, chocolate, the 1970s and Peter Sellers films. I am half of the creative duo that makes up Finyette Productions (along with Ashley Kotzur) but this is the second year I will be diving into PortFringe solo. Here’s hoping the pool is full and the water warm!


6/21 @ 10:45pm
6/25 @ 7:15pm
6/26 @ 3:45pm

Nixon Sings!
Nixon Sings!