Sarajevo’s Child
Cast Aside Productions

Based on the book My Childhood Under Fire by Nadja Halibegovich Adapted for the stage by Katie Simon Nadja Halilbegovich was twelve years old when the War in Bosnia began. Sarajevo’s Child tells Nadja’s story using actual diary entries bravely documenting her journey from carefree child to war refugee living in the US. Nadja offers us a first person account of war through a child’s eyes that is both heartbreaking and relevant.

Founded in 2013, Cast Aside Productions is dedicated to producing new and classic works, providing a platform for theater artists to add their vision and voice to the arts community.

At the STUDIO at PS

6/19 @ 7:30pm
6/23 @ 5:45pm
6/26 @ 5:45pm

Sarajevo’s Child
Sarajevo’s Child