Welcome welcome welcome to the wild world of volunteering at PortFringe 2019! This is going to be an epic festival, and we need you to make it happen!

We need Box Office Runners (general box office volunteers, no previous training necessary) What’s a Runner, you may ask? A Runner is just our fancy new name for general box office volunteers: Click here to sign up! This is the sign-up link you should use for box office volunteering! Box Office Perks include:

Highly coveted Volunteer T-shirt designed by our own Mariah Bergeron!
FREE Show Pass for each 4-hour shift you work!
Invitations to our Closing Ceremony (the best party in town) and other PortFringe events!

We need Box Office Managers (previous Manager or other box office experience preferred) Work 16 hours as a Box Office Manager, with one shift preferably taking place during the last three days of the festival (June 20-21-22) and get an All-Access Pass and all other Box Office Runner perks listed above . Please email Liz@portfringe.com to inquire about remaining Manager shifts.

We need Venue Technicians!
So you want to be a tech volunteer? We would love to have you! Beyond receiving the standard issue perks of a t-shirt and free passes to see shows, our tech volunteers get to experience a whole different side of the festival every year. Come backstage and watch the inner workings of performances, help make artists visions a reality, and know that you are one of the main reasons the festival is able to exist. 

Some experience working backstage is great, but definitely not required. 
Things you should have or do in order to be tech volunteer:
Be comfortable being in charge
Be comfortable saying “no” when needed (as instructed)
Be a good communicator
Be able to push play on a iPod and hit some light switches, maybe turn a projector on, etc
Be willing and able to learn

Perks of TECH volunteering: 
Receive one (1) free pass to see a show for every four hours that you volunteer. If you volunteer for at least four shifts, and one or more of them is on Friday, 6/21 or Saturday 6/22, receive an All-Access pass to see as many shows as you would like.

And NEW THIS YEAR: Volunteer awards!! To be given out at the end of the festival, with the goal being to celebrate the goofiness, giving spirit, generosity, and overall awesomeness of our vols!

Email Caroline@portfringe.com – or CLICK HERE if you are ready to sign up for tech!

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Why volunteer for Fringe, you might say?

Because in addition to being part of this amazing event, you get the following sweet perks:

Interested?  Excited?  Wanna come play with us?

Email Liz at liz@portfringe.com – we can’t wait to work with you!