We are so delighted you’ll be joining us in Portland, Maine for the 2019 USAFF Conference  from October 24-26, 2019!

If you have not filled out the registration survey for each of your delegates, this registration form (and other travel/hospitality information) can be found by returning to the USAFF Conference page, or – the registration form also appears at the bottom of this page for your convenience!


To pay for Delegate Fees, you may use the drop-down menu below to submit an electronic payment, or you can mail a check (made payable to PortFringe) to the following address:

Daniel Koloski, PortFringe Treasurer
1296 Westbrook St
Portland, ME 04102

One person can pay for all Delegate fees for any given festival. If you have any other questions about Delegate Fees, contact us any time at portfringe@gmail.com

For how many Delegates are you providing payment?
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