Day 4: Friday, June 29

Jobs, Steve and otherwise…

-At Lucid Stage-

Day 4 begins at 5:00PM with John Coons’ Six Months for Six Weeks. A semi-autobiographical one-man show built around original songs, “Six Months for Six Weeks” is an honest, funny, and heart-breaking new piece of queer theater.

At 7:00 we have Harlan Baker’s Jimmy Higgins: A Life in the Labor Movement:  Set on the eve of the 1960 presidential race, Jimmy Higgins recounts his days as a newspaper boy during the first World War, his meeting radicals opposed to American participation in the war, and his experiences as a labor reporter covering the union organizing drives of tenant farmers and auto workers in the 1930s.

At 9:00 The Improvised Puppet Project brings us First World Problems, a 45-minute, fully-improvised comedy for grown-ups, set in a world where puppets and people live side-by-side.

And at 11:00 Local hot shots Mad Horse Theatre Company present Merkin’ Small Talk! With David and Christine. Lifelong lovebirds, David and Christine have devoted their considerable artistic skills to sharing their faith in love with you, the public. Accompanied by the ubiquitous Charles Brown, as well as an exciting array of guest artists, David and Christine will make you believe in love again.

-At the St. Lawrence Arts Center-

At 6:00 Dramatic Repertory Company presents Mike Daisy’s The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs, a (mostly) true story of one man’s journey of awakening. With background on the formation of Apple and its founder blended in – TATESJ is an examination of consumerism, and the ultimate price of style.

And at 8:00 a double ticket featuring  1. Lorem Ipsum and God team up to present: Lorem Ipsum vs. God, a thing by Lorem Ipsum and God.
2. Theater Tar Tar presents Jose Rivera’s A Tiger in Central Park: Fear of a tiger causes an entire city to lose it’s sex drive.  People make traps, arm themselves with folklore, guns and rationalizations.

Check in tomorrow for Saturday listings (this will be a monster).

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