Day 5: Saturday, June 30


-At Geno’s Rock Club-

Day 5 begins with a 12:00pm “liquid brunch” show of PTC’s own Dr. Faustus Lights the Lights.

At 4:00 another double ticket adventure featuring 1. Astrea Campbell-Cobb’s Unoccupied. Featuring “Small Spaces,” a short film by Jamie Miller, this collaboration is a saltwater collage about growing up, spacing out, and trying to explain the nooks and crannies of a sea-side mind.

2. Michael Toth’s Short Play Festival: A Cursory Night of Short-Lived Tales. More details coming soon!

At 6:00 local comedy hot-heads (including Portland’s Funniest Professional Winner Jordan Handren-Seavey) Tasty Dude Films Theater presents: The New Man. Adam Newman emerges from the primordial ooze to discover time travel, love, and the meaning of life.  A multimedia event, including video, music, and sketch comedy.

At 8:00 Pussyfoot Burlesque presents: America the Bootyful. Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses… Give me your kinky, your sexy, your freaks.

At 10:00 Michael Wood presents: ME Heart ME, a giddy love letter to Maine and celebration of one boy’s homecoming to good old Vacationland! Filled with campy reworkings of classic Broadway hits & pop standards, ME Heart ME is a one-man-cabaret filled with stories of a bucolic Maine childhood, inappropriate foreign escapades and uncouth onstage banter, all in the name of love, life and the pursuit of haplessness!!

-At Lucid Stage-

At 3:00 Kate Gurney presents: Murder, A Comedy. Milo is a college grad living at home with his folks. He’s a regular kid with a regular family that’s a bit odd. OK, they’re serial killers.

At 5:00PM Jeff Wax presents: Bless Me, Father, I Have Sinned. A Southern gentleman gives an earful to a Catholic priest in confession, and so does Marilyn Monroe in the next confessional.  The Catholic Church has dominated the conversation on gay matters for two thousand years. Can you disarm this behemoth in a day? Maybe not, but you can start with one priest.

At 7:00 The Passages Project and Awareness Unlimited bring PF-12 BareFruit, an original musical about coming home to face a broken past and trying to make sense of a gnarled life. Through flashes of memory, the audience is transported into Jonathan’s world where he must face his deepest fears head on.

At 9:00 Bess Welden presents: Big Mouth Thunder Thighs: A Solo Vaudeville directed by Jennie Hahn (Open Water Theatre Arts). Roller skating, stand-up comedy, country-western singing, storytelling, puppets, flamenco dance and three death-defying acts (one of which includes chocolate cake) are all on the bill for this one-woman variety show about body image, weight obsession, and compulsive eating.

And at 11:00 Mad Horse Theatre Company presents a double ticket beginning with: SPEED – A Formal Staged Reading. Yeah, the one with the bomb and the bus. Followed by Film Monologues: Acts of Love. You will not be disappointed.

-At the St. Lawrence Arts Center-

At 4:00 Cait Hylan presents PINK! by Stacy Davidowitz. Played out over the course of one summer night, PINK! is a breakneck-paced thrill ride into the unexpectedly dark and dangerous world of twelve-year-old girls that is as hysterically funny as it is brutally disturbing.

At 6:00 a triple ticket 1. AIRE presents: Come On Over, by Conor Mcpherson
2. Lanyard Theatre Company presents: Whale Watch
3. Maelstrom Productions presents: Emily and Sue: A Love Story in 5 Scenes and 4 Seizures by Carolyn Gage with Merry Gangemi

And at 8:00 Raw Sugar presents: You Smell Like Whiskey and Bad Choices. After a night of wild drinking, three women wake up to one big problem.  As they embark on an absurd adventure full of whimsical worlds and zany characters, the three boozy bosom buddies try to answer the age old question: “What the hell happened last night?”

Check back tomorrow for Sunday’s listings.

Can you believe that all of this is going to happen?

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