Day 6, Sunday, July 1

The end of the beginning…

-All events at Lucid Stage-

Sunday begins at 1:00PM with Shawna Houston’s production of Stop Kiss, by Diana Son. A window into the lives of two young women in NYC, finding themselves and each other, Stop Kiss teaches that something beautiful requires a strength few people can claim. It asks the audience a question, while encouraging that strength.

At 3:00 What’s Behind The Question presents: Think Like Water. Two men talking about divorce and the demise of a marriage while they are shingling a roof. The dialogue will be a conversation of intimacy and male heart while the action will show a traditionally male labor.

At 5:00 Dramatic Repertory Company presents: The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs.

At 7:00 we’ve got Audiobody: Physical Comedy and Music Technology. Sibling rivalry, technological mishaps and outrageous happenings collide on stage to create a show full of relentless comedy, amazing stunts, juggling, contortions, up-beat music, LED light shows and a few accidental moments of pure visual beauty. They even throw in a grand finale tribute to the Star Wars classic Imperial March. AudioBody finds common ground between circus arts and science fiction!

And finally, at 8:30pm the PF-12 closing party!

So that’s what it is! Keep an eye out for more special announcements here, find us at Portland Theater Collaborative on Facebook, and check out