PF14 Artist Snapshot: Age of Enlightenment presents “Captive Audience”

NOTE: PortFringe will be profiling PF14 Artists and their shows on this blog in the weeks leading up to the festival (June 24-29, 2014). The next snapshot is of Age of Enlightenment, started by actor/writer/director, James Noel Hoban. The company debuted at PortFringe 2013 with the successful “Master of Himself.”

Artist: Age of Enlightenment
Show: Captive Audience
Description: A distraught actress turns the tables on a house thief and auditions for him…again…and again. A comedy with a healthy dose of Hamlet and mild bondage. Age of Enlightenment is a silly little company that likes to do silly little things for PortFringe.

Tell us something we don’t know about you/your company, and your PortFringe show.

I chose Age of Enlightenment as a company name for my Fringe projects because my first piece for Fringe was a period piece; a comedy set in the 1700’s about masturbation as a means to scientific progress. I think the lofty should never be too far removed from the absurd.

What are you most looking forward to about PortFringe 2014?

I hope to be surprised. I want to see new collaborations, new assemblages of talent. Theatre can be very clique-y; the same people working with the same people over and over again. PortFringe is a great opportunity to shake things up for the better, a chance to be artistically, socially and personally brave.

Lobster, or Steak? Discuss.

Lobster, of course. You can get a steak anywhere, but lobster, like PortFringe, is local. Both lobster and PortFringe taste great with lots of butter.


Saturday, June 28 at 1:00pm – Geno’s Rock Club (21+)

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