PF14 Artist Snapshot: Finyette Productions presents “Which Doctor”


NOTE: PortFringe will be profiling PF14 Artists and their shows on this blog in the weeks leading up to the festival (June 24-29, 2014). The next snapshot is of Finyette Productions – a creative dynamic duo and masters of the popular PF “Multi-Ticket” experience, having the distinction of sharing a one hour performance spot with two other short shows for the second PortFringe festival in a row! 

Artist: Finyette Productions
Show: Which Doctor, an original farce by Mark Magee & Ashley Kotzur
Description: It was a normal day for Doctor Benjamin Alter… until a notorious gangster, a patient on the edge, and a dead hypnotherapist force him to make some very unorthodox decisions. With a new neurosis behind every door, can he hold it all together? Find out in Which Doctor… two actors, one door, multiple personalities!

Tell us something we don’t know about you and your PortFringe show.

The members of Finyette Productions first met at the Francois Truffaut Film Festival after Mark was escorted from the premises for mistaking Truffaut for a relief etching of Roman Polanski. On the curb outside he found Ashley frozen in recursive conversation with a run-on sentence.

What are you most looking forward to about PortFringe 2014?

The first chuckle. Hopefully.

Lobster or Steak? Discuss.

Blend and serve to starving artists.


Wednesday, June 25 at 8:00pm – PSC Storefront Theater
Saturday, June 28 at 4:00pm – PSC Storefront Theater

NOTE: Finyette Productions appears on Wednesday and Saturday as part of a PortFringe classic “Double Ticket” alongside COME AND GO, by Samuel Beckett (profiled here!)

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