PF14 Artist Snapshot: Mountain Empire presents “You Are Happy”

NOTE: PortFringe will be profiling PF14 Artists and their shows on this blog in the weeks leading up to the festival (June 24-29, 2014). The next snapshot is of Mountain Empire Performance Collective, of Northampton, MA – performing at PortFringe for the first time this year. Welcome!

Artist: Mountain Empire
Show: You Are Happy
Description: You Are Happy is a sensual, surreal, and sensorial solo performance. Rooted in the physical with an imaginative eye towards the mythical, dancer Eliza Larson draws the world of Homer’s Sirens anew in this interdisciplinary solo. Imbued with memories, physical residue, and the essence of emotion, the performance moves between dance and performance art, abstract and literal film imagery, and includes movement, image, text, sound, and a very, very large dress.

Tell us something we don’t know about you/your company, and your PortFringe show. 

Mountain Empire Performance Collective is a long distance company, which means we collaborate without being in the same place at the same time.  In this show, the movement has been generated in Massachusetts, and the music has been created in Nashville, over 1000 miles away.     

Also, the movement in this piece brings in a lot of different inspirations – a little butoh, a lot of gesture work, some post-modern improvisation and some classical contemporary technique.  It’s been really exciting to create a cohesive work while taking the body in so many different directions.

What are you most looking forward to about PortFringe 2014?

I’m looking forward to everything!  It’s my first time at PortFringe, and I’m really excited to connect with all the artists and to spend some more time in Portland.

I’m also looking forward to doing a work about Sirens so close to the ocean.

Lobster, or Steak? Discuss.

Can you tell me a little more about the cow and lobster in question? Their names, hobbies, animal friends.  A dossier on their childhood would be great.  Oh wait, wrong Portland.


Thursday, June 26 at 10:00pm – SPACE Gallery
Saturday, June 28 at 4:30pm – SPACE Gallery

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