PF14 Artist Snapshot: Tandem Theatre Company presents (2 shows!) “Untimely Ripped” and “Peach, Or Pigland” at PortFringe 2014

NOTE: PortFringe will be profiling PF14 Artists and their shows on this blog in the weeks leading up to the festival (June 24-29, 2014). The next snapshot is of Tandem Theatre Company, appearing at PortFringe for the first time with two separate, original shows – “Untimely Ripped”, devised by the company; and, “Peach, or Pigland” written by company member Georgia Zildjian.

Artist: Tandem Theatre Company
Shows: Untimely Ripped and Peach, or Pigland
Description (Untimely Ripped): Untimely Ripped, a devised work by Tandem Theatre, examines H.H. Holmes, known as America’s First Serial Killer. Using movement and Shakespeare this yarn is spun to explore the question: What happens at the exact moment we stop being? Created by the ensemble, and directed by JJ Peeler, this daring new project sheds light on the moments right after our last breaths. Smashing together the stories of Holmes’ victims and Macbeth, Untimely Ripped investigates the birth of America’s historic obsession with notorious butchers.
Description (Peach, or Pigland): "Peach, or Pig Land" follows the tale of a rift in a family of women living in the backwoods of a rural, mountainous region. After a revelation alters their family dynamic forever, young Ginny and Rolly strive to find a way to make sense of their chaotic world.

Tell us something we might not know about you/your company and your PortFringe show.

Tandem Theatre is a newly-formed decentralized collective. We have “pods” in other cities across the US and we collaborate from across the country to create theatre. We are disparate in location, but unified in goal. Our next project after our Fringe projects is the Postmark Play Project, where we will collectively write sections of a play and mail it to our members to add until we have a finished project.

What are you most looking forward to about PortFringe 2014?

Tandem is looking forward to seeing all the other shows in Fringe and is excited to see the Portland Theatre scene explode for four days!

Lobster, or Steak? Discuss.

We firmly believe that Steak and Lobster can exist in tandem, and thus Red Lobster was born and subsequently kicked out of Maine.


Friday, June 27 at 6:30pm – PSC Studio Theater



Saturday, June 28 at 2:30PM – SPACE Gallery
Sunday, June 29 at 12:00PM – SPACE Gallery

NOTE: Tandem Theatre Company’s UNTIMELY RIPPED appears on Saturday and Sunday as part of a PortFringe classic “Double Ticket” alongside The Kneading Collective’s presentation of “What I Remember About the Day I Forgot”.

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