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Welcome to POP-UP PORTFRINGE — the annual sell-out PortFringe fundraising event!
PortFringe Pop-Ups take the beyond-holy text of William Shakespeare, chop it up into pieces,
and feed it to performance artists to go bananas on. Hog-friggin-wild.


Saturday, March 3, 2018 | 2pm and 7pm at Urban Farm Fermentory 
Ticket Prices – $15
Remaining tickets available at the door 1/2 hour before show time.

POP-UP MIDSUMMER 2018 Artists!*
1. Inventing Trees (Topsham, ME)
2. Down to Clown (Portland, ME)
3. Two Sheets Theater Company (Portland, ME)
4. 90 Acre Theater (Portland, ME)
5. Sound & Fury (Portland, ME)
6. Walks Into a Bard (Portland, ME)
7. Moonlit Corkscrew (Portland, ME)
8. Pop Killed Culture Productions (Portland, ME)
9. Bad Dog Productions (Portland, ME)
10. Mackenzie Bartlett & The Angry Women Art Collective (Portland, ME)
11. Eric Darrow Worthley & Brigitte Paulus (Portland, ME)
12. Bare Portland (Portland, ME)
13. Joe Quinn (Portland, ME)
14. Portland Youth Film Festival (Portland, ME)
*Artists are listed in Midsummer scene chronological order

Get a sneak-peek of Pop-Up Midsummer during the First Friday Art Walk (March 2, 2018)!
Check out the Pop-Up Artists in the following locations:

533 Congress St, Portland, ME

90 Acre Theater Company // Scene 4
Bad Dog Productions // Scene 9
Joe Quinn // Scene 13
Sound and Fury // Scene 5LOCAL SPROUTS
649 Congress St, Portland, ME
Portland Youth Film Festival // Scene 14
Down to Clown // Scene 2MECHANICS HALL – LYCEUM (aka Classroom)
519 Congress St, Portland, ME
Inventing Trees // Scene 1

Walks into a Bard // Scene 6
84 Free St, Portland, ME
Pop Killed Culture // Scene 8

Two Sheets Theater Company // Scene 3PORTLAND PUBLIC LIBRARY ATRIUM
5 Monument Way, Portland, ME
Bare Portland // Scene 12

Mackenzie Bartlett with the Angry Women Arts Collective // Scene 10PORTLAND PUBLIC LIBRARY RINES AUDITORIUM
5 Monument Way, Portland, ME
Eric Darrow Worthley and Brigitte Paulus // Scene 11

Moonlit Corkscrew // Scene 7 



PortFringe Pop-All participants were chosen by random lottery and each assigned one section of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The segment will include one line of original dialogue, and must be performed in under FIVE minutes. Beyond that, the rules really start to break down. Segments may be performed in absolutely any fashion. For reference, past years’ Pop-Up scenes have included clowning, ritual, shadow puppets, wrestling matches, Dungeons and Dragons, musings on cheese, drinking games, and folk music (just to name a few)!

Tasting Room Bar.jpgUp events build awareness and provide financial support for the annual summer PortFringe Festival, and showcase the fringe spirit – removing financial and logistical barriers so artists can experiment and take risks. And audiences reap the benefit. The fun, affordable, and innovative format of pop-up shows appeal to Shakespeare lovers and theater newbies alike. 

PortFringe is thrilled to announce that URBAN FARM FERMENTORY will be hosting the full performances of POP-UP MIDSUMMER on Saturday, March 3, 2018

Stay tuned for more artist details and ticket on-sale information in early 2018!




at Oxbow Blending & Bottling
Participating Companies (in alphabetical order):

60 Grit Theatre Company, 90 Acre Theatre Company, Allen Adams, Bad Dog Productions, Bare Portland, Finyette Productions, The Froward Dewberry Mammets, InfraRed Productions, Inventing Trees, Mad Horse Theatre Company with The Woodshed Mystics, Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Theatre Company, Pie Man Theatre Company, Walks Into A Bard, and Eric Darrow Worthley.


at Portland Stage Studio Theater
Participating Companies (in alphabetical order):

Allen Adams, Bad Dog Productions, DragonMaul Productions, Finyette Productions, Hit The Lights! Theatre Company, Lorem Ipsum, Mad Horse Theatre Company, Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Theatre Company, James Patefield, Pie Man Theatre Company, Pop Killed Culture Productions, Joe Quinn, Serendipity Theater Collective, Ten Bucks Theatre, theatre.unmasked, Walks Into A Bard, Woodshed Mystics, and Eric Darrow Worthley.



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