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CripTonight – Sam Atwood and Kings Floyd

Two people and a black lab service dog peek out from behind a white barn door. The man’s head, white but tan with a beard and sunglasses, and his hand are visible as he peeks out from behind the door. The woman sits behind him in a red wheelchair and red lipstick, wearing a jaguar dress and glancing in the opposite direction.

(Sam Atwood & Kings Floyd, Atlantis)

Show Description: Do not miss this opportunity to hop on the short bus for a wild ride into the exotic and mysterious lives of the North American Cripple. It is an experience as uncomfortable as it is unforgettable, it is CripTonight. 

Reviews for CripTonight:
“[E]lectric chemistry, fun banter”
“[T]he stuff all good comedy is made of”

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Schedule: CripTonight is part of PF23 Event #3 and will be presented with one other PF23 show – Hey Party People! – on the following schedule:

Thursday, June 1 @ 7:30PM – at Blue Lobster Urban Winery
Friday, June 2 @ 8:00PM – at SALUD Portland
Saturday, June 3 @ 5:30PM – at Maine Studio Works
Friday, June 9 @ 7:00PM — at SALUD Portland

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