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Raisin’ Cain In The Hammer Lane

Raisin’ Cain in the Hammer Lane

Raisin’ Cain In The Hammer Lane
18 Wheels of Drama (Portland, ME)

Raisin’ Cain In The Hammer Lane
 tells the legendary tale of The Rascal and his gear-jammin’ buddy Hamhock. They spend their days puttin’ the hammer down, keepin’ their ears on, and avoidin’ smokeys. But when a mysterious stranger arrives in town, he could ruin everything these two knuckle-bustin’, honky tonk heroes hold dear. 18 Wheels Of Drama are a crew from right here in Portland, Maine. They include people who’ve been involved with previous fringe shows like Dolphinephilia, Seven Deadly Sketches, and The Gentlemen Of Rock. 


TUE 6/18 @ 9:45pm
WED 6/19 @ 9:45pm
SAT 6/22 @ 8:00pm

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