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Séance on a Tuesday Afternoon

Séance on a Tuesday Afternoon

Séance on a Tuesday Afternoon
Gitgo Productions (Portland, ME)

“Séance on a Tuesday Afternoon” is a layered comedy about three internet-famous psychics and one disgruntled ghosthunter who have gathered before a live audience to conduct a séance to receive messages from THE FUTURE. Embedded within the audience, the séance gets awkward right away as subterranean jealousies surface and a couple on a first date gets disruptive. But when the messages aren’t what anybody is expecting, everything falls into chaos. Gitgo Productions was co-founded by Kate Kaminski and Betsy Carson. They have been making media in Maine since the mid-90s. “Séance on a Tuesday Afternoon” is  writer-director Kate Kaminski’s first time at PortFringe.

This show is part of an exciting PortFringe “double feature” event, which means you will see two short performances in the same one-hour performance slot. Séance on a Tuesday Afternoon is paired with May We / (Mais Oui).


SAT 6/15 @ 6:00pm
TUE 6/18 @ 7:45pm
THU 6/20 @ 9:30pm

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