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The Boardroom: Bradley Birthwright Makes A Scene

The Boardroom: Bradley Birthwright Makes A Scene
Capraconomist Productions (Portland, ME)

It is Christmas Eve Day and Bradley Birthwright, the CEO and Chairman of Birthwright Industries, is back and this time behind closed doors with the board of directors.  Witness how Titans of Business, Banking and Government ensure shareholder value for Birthwright Industries’ investors no matter the cost. Capraconomist Productions reveals the absurdity of an economy focused on profit while lacking in heart. Scott Patterson of Portland, Maine uses his fictional family of affluence, the Birthwrights, to teach a lesson on the true cost of financial security.

This show is part of an exciting PortFringe “double feature” event, which means you will see two short performances in the same one-hour performance slot. The Boardroom: Bradley Birthwright Makes A Scene is paired with Deep Improv.


SAT 6/15 @ 6:30pm
SUN 6/16 @ 6:30pm
THU 6/20 @ 8:15pm
SAT 6/22 @ 1:15pm

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