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The Boring Boring Company – Business Pants Corporate Theater

THE BORING BORING COMPANY – Business Pants Corporate Theater

The Boring Boring Company
(Business Pants Corporate Theater, Portland, ME)

Show Description: 

bor·ing 1. (adj) not interesting; tedious 2. (noun) the act or process of making a hole Two boring definitions. One boring company. The Boring Boring Company: a mundane celebration of corporate banality. Buckle up.

Reviews for The Boring Boring Company:
“A solid comedic performance”
“[B]rilliant in its indirectness”

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Schedule: The Boring Boring Company is part of PF23 Event #4 and will be presented with one other PF23 show – BANANA – on the following schedule:

Saturday, June 3 @ 8:30PM – at Maine Studio Works
Sunday, June 4 @ 5:30PM – at Maine Studio Works
Wednesday, June 7 @ 7:00PM – at Mayo Street Arts (ASL interpretation provided)
Friday, June 9 @ 8:30PM — at SALUD Portland

The June 7th performance will feature an American Sign Language interpretation.

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