Wow Wee! Adventures of a Little Girl Killbot


Wow Wee !  Adventures of a Little Girl Killbot

Improvisational Repertory Theatre Ensemble (IRTE) (New York, NY)

What’s a little girl robot to do now that the singularity has occurred? Check in with the Trumans, America’s favorite tv family and their mechanical moppet, Andie the Android, as they face the End of the World. Wow Wee! It’s a completely improvised post-apocalyptic 80s sitcom!

Currently in its seventh season, IRTE is an award-winning group of actors who develop, produce and perform original themed, theatrically-staged, and character-driven comedy shows based in improvisation and following the basic model of seasonal repertory theatre. IRTE has won praise for elevating the art of improvisational theatre while opening it up to a broader audience of theatergoers. Adding simple costumes, props, and strong characters, IRTE presents a very theatrical, raw, ridiculous and irreverent, narrative-driven and completely improvised show.


SAT 6/16 @ 7:00pm
SUN 6/17 @ 8:45PM