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A MAN CLAMS UP – Orthogonal Arts

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POSTED 6/23/2022

The character development and emotions were raw (no pun intended!) and the costume (!!!) and backdrop took the audience to a chilly Maine morning on the ocean. Relatable and relevant look at what it means to be a “man” and what it means to be human in general. You could feel the pain and internal battles of the main character as they struggled with a shitty father and wrestling with their internal battle of forgiveness, anger, and making their own mistakes. Who knew a conversation with a clam could be so introspective!

Anonymously submitted by a member of the PortFringe Independent Review Team

POSTED 6/16/2022

A Man Clams Up walks a tightrope of somehow being emotionally wrenching and down-right absurd at the same time. It’s a difficult feat and the actors do a wonderful job of harnessing the power of the ridiculous to ask important questions about masculinity and emotion. The story may not be subtle but for goodness sakes there’s a woman dressed up as a magical clam on stage and I enjoyed every minute of it.

submitted by: E. G. Brego
PortFringe Independent Review Team

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