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HEY PARTY PEOPLE! – Hey Party People

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POSTED 6/2/2023

A series of short farcical skits that poke fun at mad scientists, hormonal teenagers, retiring teachers, and more, “Hey Party People” brings out the cheese for a brief 30 minutes. Presented by a group of actors who push the limits with comedy and their quickly moving script, stupid humor guides audiences through moments that will be sure to make you chuckle.

submitted by: Christina W. Richardson, PF23 Independent Review Team

POSTED 6/3/2023

In the world of sketch comedy, sometimes the magic works and sometimes it doesn’t. That’s what makes it risky and exciting for the audience. Hey, Party People! you rock. You kept it going, whether slightly missing or hitting the mark. That you all seem to be having so much fun brings me with you. The topics are classic: mimes, horror movies, and high school. Enjoy laughing with this nerdy, fun ensemble.

submitted by: Linda Shary, PF23 Independent Review Team

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