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Relatable – Marie Elizabeth

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POSTED 6/27/2024

Relatable, written and directed by Marie Elizabeth and starring Colleen Clark and Meredith Cook is a quiet, sincere and timely script that embodies a brief moment shared by two mothers watching their children’s swimming lesson. Clark provides a steady, confident and empathetic performance highlighting the shared experiences and stark contrasts explored within the piece. If you’ve ever dissected a past conversation in the shower wishing you had fully expressed what you were feeling, this is the show for you.

Submitted by Tarra Haskell: PF24 Independent Review Team

POSTED 6/27/2024

Striking up a conversation in the chairs at the pool at a local YMCA, two moms awkwardly chat about kids, life, and their belief in “Relatable”. Although the discussion has its ups and downs, it’s clear that playwright Marie Elizabeth worked diligently to ensure that each character has defined life experiences which prompt them throughout the course of the show. As one mom closed the gap in the chairs during their conversation, I found it powerful to see when the context of the discussion shifted and required a change in seats again.

Sitting a few rows back, some of the dialogue was lost between a quiet performer and the loudness of the packed brewery. But, finding myself comparing personal thoughts with one parent and falling into the concept of the show’s title, I will be setting my calendar for another watch. “Relatable” definitely worth full immersion.

Submitted by Christina W. Richardson: PF24 Independent Review Team

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