The Distance Project: Pockets, Knapsacks, Hearts and Heads
Mal Cherifi

Distance is an amount of space between two points, two people and two realities. It can be slow but sometimes it’s worth keeping…Don’t take a pee break, listen to some crappy pop music and question the questionable. Ignore the hazard signs, get caught up in the wanderlust.

Mal Cherifi is a deviser, director, and performer in Philadelphia. Mal attended Ithaca College (2015) and Montgomery College (2014) for theatre studies. Originally from Silver Spring, Maryland they have had the privilege to create, perform and contribute to multiple artistic projects since moving to Philly. Their most recent work includes Capacity for Veracity (Philly Fringe 2015),The Gauntlet (Medium Theatre Company), Gender Gender Chicken Tender (Solow Fest 2015/SUPERobject 001/Incite Excite) and They Extract (Alma’s Engine). Mal is apart of several theatre collectives including the Mondegreen Collective, Panorama Artist Collective, The Greenfield Collective and Hivemind Theatre Collective. They are always on the look out for more collaborators, friends and striking ideas. Mal is trans-identified and uses the pronouns they/them.