Virtual Fringe Roll-Out: Day 2, Wednesday, June 27

Look into the future, this will be your night…

-All events at Lucid Stage-

Day 2 begins at 5:00PM with Tom Walsh (of local Defenders of the Funny and others) presenting An Improvised Play.

At 7:00 the local heavy-weight triple ticket features: 1. AIRE’s production of Come On Over by Conor McPherson. This rarely-produced short one-act tells the story of a middle-aged priest who returns to his hometown to investigate a possible miracle and reunites with a woman he once loved.
2. Lanyard Theatre Company’s Whale Watch. On a quiet stretch of seaside, a young girl fresh off a suicide attempt meets a young man who claims he is half-human, half-whale.
3. Emily and Sue: A Love Story in Five Scenes and Four Seizures by Carolyn Gage with Merry Gangemi featuring Karen Ball – This Maelstrom Production is a multi-media interpretation of the letters and poems of Emily Dickinson, restoring the wild frustration of her lesbian passion, as well as her volcanic rage about living with a disability that was considered unspeakable.

At 9:00 Krista Lucht presents Woycheck: A highly dramatized example of the hazards of being exploited. Woyzeck is a victim of condition. As he continues to drift from reality, it’s infectious, leaving you unsure of any truth.

And finally, at 11:00pm Connor McGrath presents Fringe Tonight! A standup comedy/variety show without audience participation.

Check in tomorrow for Thursday’s shows!

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