Virtual Fringe Roll-Out

Day 1: Tuesday June 26th

Precisely 9 weeks from tonight this is what will be happening to Portland, ME…

-All events are at Geno’s Rock Club-

At 5:00PM, PF-12 starts off with a triumphant triple ticket (3 shows for the measly price of one) beginning with a preview of Ziggurat Theatre Ensemble’s Aquatania. Described as “a work of haunting visual beauty and mythological resonance” by the Los Angeles Times, Aquitania is rendered in Ziggurat’s signature performance style that is, in the words of the LA Weekly, “a feast of dance, music, classic storytelling and visual bravura that will dazzle.“
Then Trash Into Art & the Gypsy Relics present Circus Ole And Feast of Fools "Using giant theatrical puppets, theater, and dance to provide a show that can be done just about anywhere, Circus Ole and Feast of Fools is an animal free circus that raises awareness about the mistreatment of caged and exotic animals in traditional circuses.”
Followed by Allen Baldwin’s Silent Maine “Silent Maine combines Benshi (Japanese narrators from Japan in the silent film era) and a re-interpretation of an independent film made in Maine in the 1920s. The living art of the stage will meet the archived art of our past in a fascinating one-time performance”

At 7:00 PTC puts our money where our mouth is with Gertrude Stein’s Dr. Faustus Lights The Lights directed by Tess Van Horn, “A ballet of lights, a viper, and a circus act. Based on the Faust legend, Doctor Faustus has made a deal with the devil and has sold his soul for electric light.”

At 9:00 Geno’s turns into a raucous event for the pale and sunburned alike. The PF-12 Opening Night Party will probably last until things start up again tomorrow at 5pm (but I except Geno’s will kick us out around 1:00am). We’ll tell you more about this later. Unless we decide not to.

Check in tomorrow for Wednesday’s shows!

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