Millennial Turns 30

A PortFringe 2019 INSTALLATION FEST Production

Millennial Turns 30
Laura Loy (Portland, OR)

Today I have one thousand wishes. One thousand dietary restrictions. One thousand participation trophies. One thousand industries I’ve killed. One thousand followers. One thousand interests, anxieties, and unbreakable habits. I am the Millennial. Laura Loy is an actor-creator-incendiary based in Portland, Oregon. She has performed across the US and internationally, including appearances on America’s Got Talent and The Gong Show. PortFringe audiences will remember her as one of the Box of Clowns, the award-winning physical theatre company she co-founded.

SAT 6/22 @ 4:00PM-8:00PM

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SPACE IS LIMITED for Installation Fest Shows!
Please note, Millennial Turns 30 is a continuous performance – the performance installation begins at 4:00PM and ands at 8:00PM. The Artist estimates an audience member would spend 40-45 minutes for the full performance installation experience. Audience members may arrive any time at 4:00PM or after, and can stay as long as desired (one entrance/exit per purchased ticket).