PortFringe has been cooking up the gorgeous weirdness for a solid dozen years now — and none of it would have been possible without YOU. From the artists who create the magic, to the volunteers who bust their asses and make it happen, to the venues who give us their support, and the audiences who make this fever dream real, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. The talent and heart on display in our community and beyond drives us to continue making this festival more innovative and better each season.

As we prepare for our next PortFringe festival, we need your support more than ever. When you give to Fringe, you support a community that takes big bucks and beer tents out of the Fringe equation – and focuses instead on building relationships and a community that MATTERS.

PortFringe is all about that community–emphasizing our artists and experimenting with format in ways that will continue to delight audiences – and help our community stay strong, whatever comes our way.

As an All-Volunteer festival with a 100% Artist payout (every dollar you spend on tickets goes directly to the Artist), we depend on your support to help make this event possible.

From supporting our local artists, to outreach programming to ensure equity and access to all of our community, your donations get this thing done. From all of us at PortFringe, thank you for generous support!


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