Corey Anderson – technical direction
Sokvonny Chhouk – design and multimedia
Stacey Koloski – artist relations and pop-up portfringe coordinator
Caroline Kyros – technical operations and volunteer management
Tara McDonough – grants and partnerships
Mackenzie O’Connor – events and project management
James Patefield – audience engagement and partnerships
Kristen Peters – social media, marketing and data analytics
Ben Taylor – box office and volunteer management

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Our Fiscal Sponsor:  Mensk (Board Members: Sokvonny Chhouk, Lisa Boucher Hartman, Dan Koloski, Elizabeth Patterson)

PortFringe Treasurer: Dan Koloski

PortFringe Press Liaison: Deirdre Fulton McDonough

PortFringe Founders: Corey Anderson, Mariah Bergergon, Lisa Boucher Hartman, Michael Dix Thomas, Stacey Koloski, Deirdre Fulton McDonough, and Adam Vachon. Additional past co-directors include: Catherine Buxton, Jake Cote, Jenna Crowder, Carmen-maria Mandley, and Liz Patterson.