[this is not an escape room]

A PortFringe 2019 INSTALLATION FEST Production
[this is not an escape room]
Chimera Theatre Collective (Portland, ME)

We are The Kingdom. You are a Subject. You hold the power. We hold the key. This is not an escape room. This is an Installation. Forged in 2015, Chimera Theatre Collective is a Portland, Maine-based theatre collective that takes pride in creating projects that highlight new and overlooked works, voices, and ideas. We aim to take the theatrical road less taken as often as possible while constantly working toward making the uncommon common.


FRI 6/21 @ 6:00pm
FRI 6/21 @ 6:45pm
FRI 6/21 @ 7:30pm
FRI 6/21 @ 8:15pm
FRI 6/21 @ 9:00pm
FRI 6/21 @ 9:45pm
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SPACE IS LIMITED for Installation Fest Shows!
Please note, [this is not an escape room] is a performance installation with specified start times (indicated below). Audience members should arrive on time for one of these start times, and can expect to spend app. 30-35 minutes experiencing the performance installation (one entrance/exit per ticket).