PortFringe pivots to digital, opening up new opportunities for artists.

The PortFringe festival returns for its 10th birthday in June with an all digital fringe-on-film event, debuting 21 brand new shows from national and local artists, featuring Sasquatch, selkies, space puppets, and more.

PortFringe presents uncensored, original, cutting edge work from Maine and beyond. Because it’s run by volunteers,100% of the ticket revenue goes directly to artists at a time when supporting independent art is more important than ever.

The change in format from live performance to filmed creations has also opened new avenues of creativity for PortFringe artists. The whole festival is a testament to their resilience, and new challenges have presented opportunities for those artists to share their work with audiences through a whole new perspective.

This year’s fringe festival lives everywhere. With multiple chances to catch each show — from live watch parties to on-demand streaming — audiences can experience raw and innovative performances wherever and however they like best. Newcomers to Fringe can dip into a single show that catches their fancy; longtime fans can join a watch party and fill their screens with familiar faces. And at only 7 hours of total showtime, it’s never been easier to catch every single PortFringe offering; you can even binge them all in one day!

PortFringe runs from June 11-19. A full schedule of shows and ticket options can be found on
portfringe.com and @portfringe on social media.

Press and Reviewer inquiries can be directed to:

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