2023 Venues

We are excited to be in the East Bayside neighborhood again this year! East Bayside is emblematic of so much of what makes Portland such a great and cool city–it’s full of people and businesses who want to support weird art, it’s got a great vibe on every corner, and PortFringe will arguably be more walkable than ever before!

Please, while you’re here, get to know our neighbors. Buy a coffee, a beer, a local wine or hard seltzer. Visit a food truck. Visit the studios and makerspaces. Talk about what weird art you saw at PortFringe. Grab a brew with us at Belleflower while we introduce ourselves to a whole bunch of new people. Let’s continue to support the beauty of community, and welcome more and more people into it. Vive le Fringe!

About the venues

66 Cove St, Portland, ME


About the Venue/Business: A family-owned, small-batch craft brewery offering thoughtful beer brewed with local ingredients. Belleflower is also a gathering place for family, friendship, and community – a destination where locals feel like family and visitors become new friends.


226 Anderson St., Portland, ME


About the Venue/Business: Aikido of Maine offers instruction for children and adults of all ages in Aikido – a non-competitive Japanese martial-art that uses partner practice to nurture a spirit of harmony and mutual assistance. Their spacious and open Dojo is centrally located in the heart of PortFringe’s East Bayside neighborhood with plenty of parking and direct access to the Portland Trails walking and biking trails. Spacious and open .We will be performing on their large tatami style training area. 

Seating Capacity: 30 +/-
ADA-Accessible: Venue is on ground floor with access through standard doors.


219 Anderson St., Suite #1, Portland, ME


About the Venue/Business:  Blue Lobster’s winemaking philosophy is simple: create uniquely authentic tastes using the best grapes and wines from around the world, packaged to enjoy life the Maine way – in cans that can be easily packed and enjoyed while camping, sailing, hiking, and other activities in Maine’s great outdoors.

Seating Capacity: TBA
ADA-Accessible: The winery is on the ground floor with a door that opens directly into the space.


1 Diamond St., Portland, ME


About the Venue/Business: Coffee By Design was at the forefront of the coffeeshop movement in Portland, opening in 1994. Today they operate three coffeehouses operates including one right in East Bayside. This Diamond St location also includes their thriving coffee roastery which sells to nearly 600 wholesale and mail order customers around the globe. Coffee By Design is a generous, long-term sponsor and friend of PortFringe, as well as many other Arts and Culture organizations in Portland and beyond.

Seating Capacity: 50+/-
ADA-Accessible: There is a ramp to enter building.


200 Anderson St., Bay 6, Portland, ME

About the Venue/Business: Hi-Fidelity is an East Bayside nanobrewery focusing on low ABV beers (everything under 6%) in an array of American and English styles. They offer small plates/tapas as well as cocktails, wine, beer, cider, other non-beer options including coffee and tea, and a selection of malt sodas. Hi-Fidelity is also committed to promoting Art and Artists showcasing art exhibitions, open mics, and short-format work.

Seating Capacity: 30 +/-
ADA-Accessible: The venue is accessible, though the performance/stage area is less so.


170 Anderson St., Portland, ME

About the Venue/Business: Maine Studio Works is a turnkey, all-purpose, and state-of-the-art photography studio, offering 2,500 square feet of shooting space to a variety of clients. Maine Studio Works is located right next to the corner of Cove and Anderson Streets, to the right of CycleMania.

Seating Capacity: 50 +/-
ADA-Accessible: Yes


10 Mayo St., Portland, ME


About the Venue/Business: Mayo Street Arts is a welcoming community arts space in East Bayside – serving as a theater, concert venue, art gallery, and meeting space, and offers affordable studio and rehearsal space and a teaching platform for visual and performing artists of multicultural backgrounds. The venue is a huge part of the vitality and spirit of one of Portland’s most culturally diverse neighborhoods. PortFringe is pleased to be returning to this venue for the first time since 2014.

Seating Capacity: 50 +/-
ADA-Accessible: Yes! The venue added a wheelchair lift in June of 2022.


275B Marginal Way,  Portland, ME


About the Venue/Business: SALUD Portland is a fitness facility offering a wide variety of boutique  group  fitness classes in Portland, Maine.They are a community of diverse yet  like-minded  individuals and families who are health conscious, value a wellness routine and live in an intentional way. 

Seating Capacity: 30 +/-
ADA-Accessible: Yes. SALUD is on the ground level, accessed by a standard sized door.


122 Anderson St., Portland, ME


About the Venue/Business: Tandem Coffee opened in East Bayside in 2012 where their their small 2-building campus houses a roastery and a coffeehouse/cafe. Tandem people are passionate about sourcing coffee at origin and working in partnership with small growers and specialty importers, and the Anderson St cafe offers a rotating list of single-origin coffees and seasonal blends, as well as delicious treats made at their second West End location, Tandem Coffee + Bakery. Tandem has recently begun hosting live music and other arts events in their spaces.

Seating Capacity: 20 +/-
ADA-Accessible: Yes. On ground level with access through a single standard-sized door.


35B Diamond St., Portland, ME


About the Venue/Business: Three of Strong is a distillery and tasting room, creating premium craft spirits with an eye on community, quality, and sustainability. Born to celebrate the spirit of spirits. The Three of Strong tasting room is located in a converted warehouse directly on Diamond Street, a stone’s throw from Coffee By Design and the Bayside Trail. 

Seating Capacity: 50 +/-
ADA-Accessible: Yes – a lift is available for access to the Tasting Room for those who require assistance.


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