2023 PortFringe COVID-19 POLICY

We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again, PortFringe is all about community; supporting artists by giving them the space to experiment in ways that will continue to delight audiences from all walks of life, helping our community stay strong whatever comes our way. We are also committed to the work to ensure PortFringe is accessible and safer for EVERYONE in our community, artists and audiences alike. That means making sure artists are able to perform all of their shows and that everyone who wants to attend and participate can do so in a way that is accessible for all.

To that end, PortFringe is requiring that all audience members over the age of 2, all volunteers, and all committee members be masked at all indoor events/performances unless actively eating or drinking. We ask that you re-mask between sips of drinks or bites of food. Masks will be provided at each venue/event for those audience members who do not have one. We will also provide additional information on venue HVAC for those who would like; please reach out to portfringe@gmail.com

We appreciate your understanding and work to ensure that as much of our community as possible can participate in PortFringe to the fullest extent that is possible. It is a group effort and we are in this together.


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