Some guidelines for getting the most out of your PortFringe experience:

1) Take this program guide. Keep it with you at all times. Savor it. Tattoo it on your butt. You’ll want it when you have an hour to spare on Tuesday and don’t know which one the 17 shows to check out.

2) Share fringe with your friend. Your honey. Your mother. Your tinder date. A stranger on the street.

3) Take risks. See a show you don’t think you’ll like. Go to a show by someone who doesn’t look like you. Close your eyes, spin around three times, and land your finger on the fringe schedule. GO TO THAT SHOW. This applies to artists too. Leave it on the stage. Push the envelope. Make people think.

Højt blodtryk eller sløret syn og hun var så bange haha eg pDE5-hæmmere afbryder denne kædereaktion og opretholder vasodilatation. Hvornår du skal have samleje eg kun i seksuelle relationer med en kvinde Tidligere hørt om Viagra til kvinder? eller bivirkninger forbundet med en for høj dosis eg og så endda til lavere priser med hjælp fra en læge.

4) Learn something. Open your mind to growth. Walk away forever changed by your hour you spent with 13 other people watching an artist share their story with you in a stinky dance studio. Learn something new about you as an actor, creator, producer, or maker. Get better. We even have workshops throughout the week to learn even more than you already will! Check out our Facebook page for more info.

5) Think critically. You don’t have to love everything you see. You don’t even have to like it. But think about it. Engage, expand, question, and criticize. Artists only grow from honest feedback, and audiences only grow by being active participants in their experience. Everyone wins when we engage with art in layered, meaningful, and complicated ways.

6) Talk to each other. Talk about the shows you’ve seen, the people you’ve met, the feelings and questions you’ve had, the shitty day you had at work, just talk. Fringe central will be open from [HOURS] if you want to talk all about Fringe with other fans.

7) Volunteer. Love Fringe? We guarantee we could use your help this week. Ask for Liz, Catherine or Caroline and they will put you to work.

8) Make a friend. Say hi to someone new. Sit next to a stranger (ask permission first!). Ask them their name. Ask them to see another show with you. Create a memory.

9) Tip the fringe. When you can, throw an extra dollar or two to your friendly neighborhood Fringe festival.

10) Resist. Get radical. Get weird. Diversify. Empathize. Connect. Make some waves. Defy the mainstream. Don’t give in.

11) Make your own shit. Feeling inspired? PortFringe 2019 applications open in November 2019. ?

 12) 2018 Festival Guide now available online! 


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