PF-21 ARTIST INTERVIEW – Megan Tripaldi (of Polyphonic Theatre Ensemble)

A moment with Megan Tripaldi (Company: Polyphonic Theatre Ensemble) of FEET: A SHORT, SASS-QUATCHY, MENTAL HEALTH MUSICAL

Why did you choose PortFringe this year? We choose PortFringe every year! Why should a pandemic stop us?

How was your PortFringe show born? Panic, mostly! After one concept and then an older script that was kind of Frankensteined together we ripped it all up and started from scratch with the idea of writing a musical about a Bigfoot. After a couple of hours devising and a couple hours working on music we had our show.

What about the world *right now* makes your show important? Connection. We need it. That, in a nutshell is what our show is about. Yes, it’s silly, but isn’t comedy a form of connection, too?

What have you learned as an artist during the last year of pandemic times? Letting go actually works!

Why is FRINGE important? It encourages people to push themselves out of their comfort zone into a new zone that you didn’t see because your comfort zone is clutter-core and you couldn’t see over the pile of cushions in the corner, so why would you even try to explore a zone that your cushion-fort is blocking!?

It’s PortFringe’s 10th Birthday! What do you remember or miss about being ten years old? Just awkwardness. So much awkwardness.

Have you checked out the other PF21 show listings? Pick one you’re excited to see or learn more about, and tell us why!  We are all about smashing that gender binary so we’re excited to see (and be paired with!) The Reveal!

Write a haiku about your show!

Depression Music

Banjolele Ballads

Oh god, what was that!?