PF-21 ARTIST INTERVIEW: Shakespeare and Shenanigans

A Moment with Shakespeare and Shenanigans

Why did you choose PortFringe this year? PortFringe is always fun and amazing. Even though we won’t have the joy of booking it up Congress street to catch the next show, that energy is still there. Making the switch to film has definitely been a learning curve, but we are glad to be making our PortFringe debut this year!

How was your PortFringe show born? The script was originally written to be a radio play. We workshopped it on and off over quarantine during our weekly Shakes Shenans readings. Everything clicked with the cast and the timing, so we went with it.

What about the world *right now* makes your show important? Our show talks about reality and ideologies. What is right? What is wrong? Who do we listen to? The push and pull of what society expects of us has always been the driving force of the plays Suze writes.

What have you learned as an artist during the last year of pandemic times? Well, we started a whole theatre company. We thought it would be a short six to eight week endeavor, and that we would get to read some of the Shakespeare plays we all love. Over a year later, we are branching out. Not only with PortFringe, but with a live show this summer. We have learned so much about Shakespeare, theatre in relationship to others and to ourselves, and just generally being a light. What started as a fun distraction has now turned into a community of actors willing to show up and give their all.

Why is FRINGE important? Fringe brings everyone together. There is something for everyone. Fringe gives us the opportunity to think critically about the art we create and consume. And of course, even in our newly digital age, Fringe gives us community and friendship.

It’s PortFringe’s 10th Birthday! What do you remember or miss about being ten years old? I miss not having to pay bills.

Have you checked out the other PF21 show listings? Pick one you’re excited to see or learn more about, and tell us why! We are excited about Selkie and Feet, because we are giant mythology nerds.

Write a haiku about your show!

Hell may be empty,

But the gods of old are here,

See who will conquer



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