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25044 – Russell Kaback

25044 – Russell Kaback

(Russell Kaback, Portland, ME)

Show Description: 25044 is a one-man musical story, written and performed by Russell Kaback, based on the life of his grandfather Szyjek Magier, a Polish Jewish teenager who spent four years in the Nazi labor and concentration camps. This show is an abridged version of the full 60 minute performance.

Presented in Russell’s unique theatrical storytelling style that weaves together original songs, guitar, characters, sound effects and gestures, the piece incorporates personal interviews, testimonies, in-depth research and imagination. Russell Kaback’s 25044 invites the audience to consider the experience of one young man’s heart-wrenching journey, reminding us that life and hope can endure.

Reviews for 25044:
“[N]on stop energy and captivating storytelling”
“[A] story . . . of resiliency and triumph”

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Schedule: 25044 is part of PF23 Event #2 and will be presented with one other PF23 show – Sad Girl Songs Comedy: Oops! All Songs – on the following schedule:

Friday, June 2 @ 7:30PM – at Hi-Fidelity Brewing
Saturday, June 3 @ 7:00PM – at Maine Studio Works
Sunday, June 4 @ 4:30PM – at Aikido of Maine
Thursday, June 8 @ 7:30PM — at Hi-Fidelity Brewing

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