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Breakneck Julius Caesar


Breakneck Julius Caesar

Timothy Mooney Repertory Theatre (Buffalo Grove, IL)

Tim Mooney wraps “Julius Caesar” up into one wild one-hour one-man romp where the audience plays the starring role! “Electrifying edutainment” (Orlando Weekly); “The Shakespeare tragedy has never been so much fun and simultaneously instructive.” (The Pitch) “Well-prepared, focused and magnificent… 5 Stars” (KC Applauds).

Tim Mooney is an award-winning fringe veteran, performing nine different one-man plays at high schools, colleges, and festivals around the world. A native of the Chicago suburbs, Tim is the author of seventeen new adaptations of the plays of Moliere, and the fun acting textbook, “Acting at the Speed of Life; Conquering Theatrical Style.” His other one-man shows, including “Moliere than Thou,” “Lot o’ Shakespeare” and “Breakneck Hamlet” have won raves, cheers and awards at some sixty fringe festivals across the United States and Canada!


SUN 6/17 @ 3:30pm
TUE 6/19 @ 8:45pm
WED 6/20 @ 8:45pm — ADDED PERFORMANCE!
THU 6/21 @ 10:30pm
SAT 6/23 @ 12:00pm

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