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Cooking with Kathryn

Cooking With Kathryn
Cooking With Kathryn

Cooking with Kathryn 
Kate Owens (New York, NY)
Directed by: Deby Xiadani

The country’s craziest cooking show! Pull up a seat in Kathryn’s kitchen and get a heaping serving of madcap comedy with a generous dollop of balls-to-the-walls cooking tips. NYC-based comedy writer and clown, Kate Owens, plays a repressed southern housewife in “Cooking with Kathryn.”

This show is part of an exciting PortFringe “double feature” event, which means you will see two short performances in the same one-hour performance slot. Cooking with Kathryn is paired with Io Ballo.


SUN 6/16 @ 5:00PM
TUE 6/18 @ 8:30pm
THU 6/20 @ 10:15pm
SAT 6/22 @ 6:45pm

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