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For Remembrance – Suze Quackenbush

(Suze Quackenbush, South Portland, ME)

Show Description: As chaos descends upon the life of V, a young queer adult in Portland (yes THIS Portland) he discovers that “it gets better” was a fleeting phrase. Those around him seem to be both entranced and horrified by his nonchalant style, and eventually learn to cope with life without him.

Schedule: FOR REMEMBRANCE is part of PF23 Event #1 and will be presented with one other PF23 show – LIFE GOES ON – on the following schedule:

Thursday, June 1 @ 8:00PM – at Hi-Fidelity Brewing
Saturday, June 3 @ 4:00PM – at Maine Studio Works
Wednesday, June 7 @ 7:30PM – at Hi-Fidelity Brewing
Thursday, June 8 @ 7:00PM — at Mayo Street Arts

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