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Illuminati? Or Illuminice? – Allen Adams

Saturday June 29

Illuminati? Or Illuminice? – Allen Adams

Illuminati? Or Illuminice? A Secret History of Santa Claus
(Allen Adams, Bangor, ME)

Show Description: 

For so many, Santa Claus is one of the most iconic symbols of the holiday season, representing the joyous nature of Christmastime. But what do we really know about this being, a being of immeasurable power and murky origins?

Join celebrated literary cryptotheorist Allen Adams as he delves into the true nature of how Santa Claus came to be, both in terms of the source of his incredible abilities and the underlying reality of his relationship to humankind, in Illuminati or Illuminice? A Secret History of Santa Claus. From the Bavarian Illuminati to Thomas Nast to Rankin-Bass to “Elf,” from ancient magic to early capitalist exploitation to modern pop culture, Allen’s freewheeling lecture will take you on a journey of discovery. He’ll connect unexpected dots to form a picture that will upend everything you thought you knew about society’s favorite jolly old elf. 

Be warned, the truth can never be unlearned – and it can come with dire consequences. Remember, he sees you when you’re sleeping …

(There will be a brief Q&A session following this lecture.)

Saturday 6/29 @ 9:30PM
(doors open at 9:00PM)

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