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Mi Casa Su Casa or How to Get 175 Roommates! (An AirBnB Host Finally Tells All)

As Perfect Strangers from all over the planet invade his house, AirBnB host James Carey describes how to deal with people sharing your bathroom, the extremely odd requests that they make, and the very strange things they leave behind. This comedic one man show talks about the differences and the commonalities that we all share and that bind us together as humans.

James Carey – www.jamesrcarey.com – a writer, director, producer, performer, world traveler is based in LA. He has been touring his one man show to international fringe festivals since 2012. He very happy to be part of PortFringe in Maine.


SUN 6/17 @ 8:00pm
TUE 6/19 @ 9:45pm
THU 6/21 @ 8:00pm
SAT 6/23 @ 1:00pm

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