Push The Boat Out

Push The Boat Out 
Tandem Theatre Collective (Portland, ME)

What the hell is the world coming to? Two sailors set out to sea and find the unexpected.  Diving into the unknown, join Tandem for a story of rough magic and elemental surprise.  Inspired by absurdity, sea shanty, our favorite clowns, the space between darkness and light, and all of the terror and joy of the sea, Tandem Theatre Collective presents an upside down world not so different from our own.

Tandem Theatre Collective is a geographically separated, though aesthetically linked, group of artists dedicated to innovative methods of creating theatre and devising new works. Tandem was founded in Portland, ME in 2013 and its artists are thrilled to be part of their 5th PortFringe Festival.

This show is part of an exciting PortFringe “double feature” event, which means you will see two short performances in the same one-hour performance slot. Push The Boat Out is paired with Calm the $&@# Down!: An Improv Experience.


SUN 6/16 @ 8:15pm
SAT 6/22 @ 8:15pm