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STORY TIME – Brian Daly

Story Time – Brian Daly

(Brian Daly, Portland, ME)

Show Description: You’re invited to sit in on “The Art of Story,” an adult education course that gets down to the nuts and bolts of writing fiction. The teacher promises to “lift up a flap on the Tent of Story to give you a good look at how the sausage is made.” Come anyway.

Starring Chris Holt, Amy Roche, Kristen Gilhooly, and Nolan Ellsworth.

Schedule: STORY TIME is part of PF24 Track #5 and will be presented with one other PF24 show – Art is Dead and That’s Okay – on the following schedule:

Thursday, June 27 @ 7:00PM – at Rising Tide Brewing (🤟 ASL interpreted)
Saturday, June 29 @ 7:00PM – at Blue Lobster
Sunday, June 30 @ 2:30PM – at SALUD

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