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The Cardboard Countess

The Cardboard Countess explores the developing friendship between a troubled teen and a homeless woman who wears a gown of garbage bags and proclaims she is a Countess. United by concerns of conservation, and isolated from their communities, their friendship grows. At times tragic, at times hilarious, the ongoing battle between these two characters, both fighting to be heard in an ever hostile world, is a play audiences of all ages can relate to.

Actor (LOST, CRIMINAL MINDS), and Playwright Victoria Goring is developed this play through 2 Artist in residencies in conjunction with her photographic exhibit: Trashed at San Gabriel National Monument and Hot Springs National Park. The set, costumes, and props are all handcrafted art created from recycled materials.

Ms. Goring is concerned that Issues of poverty, women’s rights, and environmental impact are degraded by the current political systems, causing a need for dialogue. The Cardboard Countess tackles issues of teen depression, mental health, homelessness, and the difficulties of forging human connection in today’s increasingly technological world.


SUN 6/17 @ 7:45pm
TUE 6/19 @ 6:00pm
WED 6/20 @ 6:00pm
THU 6/21 @ 9:30pm
SAT 6/23 @ 4:15pm

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